Welcome Vintage lover,


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I will be happy to help you personally.

I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit more about CoMissZien, my living room shop, where my lifestyle and passion prevail! 


... It is a name that contains a lot of myself, it is who I am in all respects. My name, Michèle Cosijns, and an invitation to look at what I want to share with you.
About 12 years ago my passion for vintage started, especially the 50s, the clothing style and the Rockabilly music. From flea markets, to thrift shops, festivals at home and abroad, fun markets. The organisation of, Rock A Lady, a Rockabilly Festival with oldtimer meeting, a market with vintage and retro lifestyle stands, filled my spare time.
In the meantime, my collection of vintage clothing and vintage interiors grew. The house became too small, but the beautiful things kept presenting themselves. 
A lockdown makes you pause and my creativity got the chance to take over. Organising and entrepreneurship, it turns out, runs through my veins somewhere and ideas need to become concrete. 
And so it happened, July 2020 my creative idea got a name, CoMissZien. The plans became concrete and my living room shop took shape. The living room is the heart of a cosy terraced house. When I grew up in it 40 years ago, there were still 2 stoves, with marble fireplaces. A dividing door separating two living spaces. And a green, white floor with black specks. The doors and the staircase remained untouched, and until recently we even had the original front door. Really vintage, isn't it?  I have lived in this lovely house for more than half of my life. I grew up with my sister in a loving family.
And today, I share it with my partner and this living room is the heart of my living room shop.
CoMissZien, an invitation to come and see all the beautiful things in our living room, where you can spend some time together. 



For me, it is more than just a product designed between the 50s and 80s. 
A vintage item, with or without traces of use, has been around for several decades and has a sign of care and durability. It was made, worn and used with love and care. The items that make my heart beat faster have colour, bring nostalgia and range from a fun and unusual design to a very simple design. 

The combination of all these things gives me butterflies and fires up my happiness hormone! Isn't it wonderful?

Together with my partner, I go looking for nice vintage items that are just a little bit different.
Our gut feeling and knowledge guide us through the search for items made between the 50s and 80s. If we make a joyful leap, they come with us.

At home, they are given a makeover, subjected to a thorough cleaning. The necessary information is looked up and photographed from their best side. Before you get to see them, a lot of work, love and energy goes into them. 
And when the item is at its best, it gets a place in the webshop, online and especially in our living room.
With us, you can slow down, browse and be carried away in pleasant memories and enjoy the stories that go with these items.


Vintage Clothing and Miss Michèle?

Besides vintage items, the living room shop also offers vintage clothing and handmade clothing by Miss Michèle, my own label.
For this I look for unique fabrics, preferably vintage or 2nd hand, as long as the offer remains fun and unique.
Slow fashion pur sang, slow design, slow search, sustainable, qualitative, ..... that is what I am looking for!
Just like the vintage items, the clothes go through my hands one by one. They are freshly washed and, if necessary and possible, mended. The sizes are determined and the lovely details are photographed. 
I strive to stimulate that happy hormone in you as well, to introduce you to the beauty of forgotten but found items.


Vintage and second-hand vinyl

To make your lifestyle complete, you can't do without music.
My partner, Bart, is a real music lover. He lives and breathes music! His music collection is always on the move, and this is reflected in what he has to offer.
In his record shop B Side Records, which has its place in our living room, you can come and browse through original LPs and 45" records.
You'll find a variety of Soul, RnB, rock, Flemish specials, Mod, Ska, .... and so much more. 
Curious about the online offer? You can already take a look at his offer on 2dehands.be via this link or follow him on FB or IG

And if you don't find what you're looking for, he'll be happy to look for it for you.


Curious about how all this fits into our living room? Then it's time for a visit!



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